SONY stylife ” Handycam for parkour”

Hey people what’s up! Am really enjoying this month so far. Looking forward to christmas and also the long overdue holiday that I need to recharge and rest. I was going through some old junk that I had in my cupboard and I chanced upon an old DVD. Popped it into the computer and boy did I get a pleasant surprise … Continue reading


Sunday: Hitting some old spots

Thankfully there was no rain today! Felt good to after having a very good rest after Saturday night’s partying. Decided to head out and move around for a bit and enjoy the sun. Only remembered to film, towards the end. Will record more in future sessions.

Back in the day

Was browsing through youtube and then I chanced upon this …  Continue reading

Parties and coaching acting?

I’ve just “recovered” from an amazing one week vacation right here in Singapore! That’s right, one week no work just pure play. I ‘m amazed at what this island has to offer. Good food, good company and good times. What more can for I ask for?A quick one week cool down period. It definitely helps with productivity. Speaking of which here are some things that I’ve been busy with. Continue reading

Recent adventures

A few more months until this year comes to an end. Once again time has just flown by.  Weather here is getting more unstable. Instead of the usual rainy months we have a mix of really hot and humid days together with dark gloomy days filled with nothing but rain. Personally I’m looking forward to december and here’s why.

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A long overdue , ” what’s up?”

Hey all, it’s been a long time coming. Every single time i have the urge to do a blog update something gets in the way. Well it’s 3 in the morning now, and I feel that I need to just write something! So here goes … Continue reading


One of my dreams as an actor is to be made into a video game character. How cool is that?! Imagine being able to do crazy things like jump buildings in a single bound, fight off hordes of enemies and blast apart villains with cool guns and superhuman powers. Ever heard the phrase, ” be careful what you wish for, for it might just come true.” That’s how Omega came about. Continue reading